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iConvergence is a Cisco Advanced Unified Communications Partner implementing customer solutions that combine communications strategy and architecture, helping enable the secure combination of voice, video, data and mobility applications within an integrated and intelligent network. These solutions support employees’ ability to collaborate every time and everywhere.

UC implementations from iConvergence provide a technical solution that solves real business problems. Worker productivity is a sign of well-managed business, and companies need to look more closely at their internal communications to eliminate problems of lack of growth in employee productivity and customer attrition. Business benefits for unified communications include:

  • Improved accessibility of information and experts throughout the enterprise. The easier it is for workers and customers to access information and experts, the better they can resolve issues and complete tasks.
  • Flexible workgroups, which enable faster problem resolution. Collaboration among workers accelerates decision-making and provides faster remediation for issues that arise.
  • Better value from existing internal applications. Employees use multiple forms of communication but often do not fully use the tools provided due to their complexity. As user interfaces become simpler, employees will better use the tools provided to them.
  • Faster response to customer requests. Customers feel that the company is looking out for their best interests with an immediate response to their problems.
  • Avoidance of project delays due to communication silos. Workers are often hampered by communication silos that are not connected to other applications and back-end systems; this can slow progress and lead to missed project deadlines. By providing a fully integrated experience across all applications, workers can more readily respond to critical issues in a timely manner.
  • Greater control over work schedules and timeline adherence. Business managers have now eliminated one major obstruction in the slowdown of work efforts with real-time connectivity among employees.
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