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When a business is taking advantage of the latest in voice and data technology there are three core improvements that they can expect.


When a business is taking advantage of the latest in voice and data technology there are three core improvements that they can expect.

Technology runs through your business like a freight train. Either moving software, data, and people in one unstoppable direction or totally derailed leaving things in a destructive mess. The good news is that:

Your business technology systems can be the source of more revenue instead of more headaches.

Let’s dive into three key areas technology can improve ROI.

Mitigating Issues

Stopping problems before they start is the first step in keeping business running smooth.

Reducing Risk

New tools keep your systems insured and allow third party monitoring.

Prepared for Growth

Agility and Flexibility are essential in today’s business environment.

Mitigating Issues

Technology today offers a lot in the way of improving efficiency in the office but, at the core, it’s about stopping problems before they start. Below are some common utilities that have a great impact on preventing problems while keeping business running smooth.

Unified Communications

Staying connected gives businesses a huge advantage. New Unified Communications systems give employees the ability to chat, call, conference and collaborate using tools that are synced and all part of the same system giving them features that couldn’t work near as well if they were used as individual services. Often times, these features expand beyond the office desk and can be used across devices. Bringing data and communications together in a flexible environment more closely matches the way most businesses operate. You want technology to support your operations not the other way around. Overcoming common communication frustrations can be one of the largest gains you can make in employee productivity and customer retention.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure technology is being more widely used because of the stability it affords an office relying on a staff with individual computers. VDI cuts down on hardware and software issues that slow down productivity and require constant attention from the IT staff. VDI gives IT the opportunity to more closely monitor networks and have a more stable environment while also giving employees increased flexibility by accessing their desktop across devices and locations.

Remote Monitoring

For many companies, an efficient way to handle critical, labor-intensive network management activities is to partner with specialized service providers to reduce internal resource requirements and free up IT staff to focus on other priority projects.

By having a third party monitor and manage your network, your business will be better protected against network outages that lead to lost productivity and revenues. The advantages of Network Monitoring Managed Services can include:

  • Improved network visibility and control
  • Increased up time and security
  • Boosted availability of business applications
  • Maximized asset usage
  • Simplified network maintenance

A proactive network monitoring and maintenance program will make your network more reliable and secure so that your business can remain productive and you can maximum business value from all your IT investments.

Mitigating Issues

It is hard to find a business today that doesn’t rely on IT systems to keep their customers happy and their employees efficient. This dependence on technology makes understanding ways to ensure those systems stay operational all the more critical. There are several ways you can insure integrity of the IT systems your business counts on.

Data Protection

iConvergence can provide your organization with a comprehensive cloud hybrid platform for backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery that will protect your data and applications in multiple ways to ensure you will never suffer a day – or even a few hours – without the information systems and data you need to run your business.

Managed Services

Let iConvergence be an extra set of eyes and ears on your network with proactive monitoring, management and SOP remediation for IT servers, operating systems, network and storage devices and business-critical applications; Automated service restarts; backup process restarts; disk cleanups; patch management; and virus updates. Our “IT as a Service” model is flexible so that you can choose from a variety of affordable service packages that fit your budget. Why do it all yourself?!

Prepared for Growth

One of the biggest assets that today’s technology can offer is it’s scalability and ease of deployment. This opportunity to sustain a level of agility and flexibility as a business grows is well worth any initial investment. Here are a few ways you can make sure your business IT solutions are outfitted for the maximum flexibility and growth.

Server Virtualization

The concept of virtualization has been around since mainframes ruled the computer world. Running two or more operating systems and their associated applications as “virtual machines” on one single physical server can significantly improve resource utilization. In the last 10 years, virtualization has blossomed because of the efficiencies it offers companies of any size.

From a cost perspective, virtualization can decrease capital expenses because you can reduce your server count. You can also reduce operating expenses because maintenance and administration costs are lower. And because virtualization simplifies your IT infrastructure, your IT staff can be more responsive. You can quickly supply new capabilities to your organization, which is especially important in a fast-changing economy.

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